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NetClient I dead after update

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  • NetClient I dead after update

    I did update by LAN my NetClient I. Herafter boot end in suspend mode (weak green light). No display whatsoever - HDMI.

    I create a new USB image with latest version for NetClient I. I've tried to boot both using external usb interface and substitution internal usb memory stick.

    It's like boot loader does not work.

    I've read both earlier themes about 'NetClient tot', but find I hard to find at proposed solution.

    Look forward to some advice.


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    Hi Peter,

    if the bootloader is not working you have not many options. In there are some details from schorsch concerning the boot process.

    You can try to get more information about the error, by plugging a rs232 cable from the netclient to your PC. During boot, some infomation about the boot process will be send to the rs232 output.

    For this you need a serial cable. E. g. to your pc or a terminal device. I think on NetClient side it is RS232 Mini Din, PC side normally RS232 9pol D-Sub.
    I dont know the communication parameter needed. Most likely it is 115.200 Baud 8 Bit No Parity 1 Stopbit

    Kind Regards


    PS: Moved to Netclient I section


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      Case closed. I got it repaired by Roxxs.


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        What did you have to pay ?

        AVG III mit SSD SW: 12.12.1 / AVG II 2,5GB Ram, AMD Turion 64 X2, 500 GB HDD SW: 12.12.1
        2x NCL II SW: 12.12.1 / NCL I SW: 12.12.1 / externer Netceiver 6xDVB-S2 / NAS: Qnap TS-419P+ Turbo
        Netgear GS-108 mit VLAN / USB OLED Display / Slim Line FB


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          To be honest. I don't know yet. They returned it very kindly with new software + SD.